Big chain retailers draw customers in with cheap tires and rock bottom deals, but the service stops there. You don’t always know what brands you’re buying if they’re refurbished and may experience poor customer care. An affordable tire shop Lincoln offers better brands and peace of mind without compromising on the price tag. You need a reputable and established tire shop to help get you the safe and affordable tires you deserve. Here are a few reasons to choose A1 Automotive for your tire needs.

Get the Best Tire Brands

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Quality and affordable tires shouldn’t be so cheap that you question their safety or reliability. However, it is possible to find affordable wheels from the best brands. The team at A1 Automotive helps outfit your vehicle with the best tires for your car and budget. Choose from our selection of reliable, name-brand tires to find the best option for you.

Get Tire Rebates and Discounts

Cheap tires are possible, but rarely happen without rebates and manufacturer specials. Don’t leave your safety up to chance with unreliable and heavily discounted tires from a no-name tire shop. Our affordable tire shop Lincoln runs monthly specials and mail-in rebates for a budget-friendly customer experience. We want our customers to enjoy safe, high-quality, and brand-name tires at an affordable price point.

Fix Your Car’s Wheel Alignment

Poor wheel alignments are more than a driving hazard. It also leads to poor gas mileage and damage to your tires. You’ll end up spending a small fortune with regular tire replacement. Let the experts at A1 Automotive help. Proper wheel alignment saves time, money, and keeps you and your family safer on the road.

Prioritize Your Safety on the Road

Many people use “the penny test” to check the tread of their tire. Although it can give you an idea of the condition of your tread, the age of your tires also matters.

Old tires and worn treads can lead to accidents and even fatal crashes. Edmunds reports that actor Paul Walker’s Porsche Carrera GT had 9-year-old tires and may have compromised drivability and handling characteristics during his fatal crash. Regardless of what your tread looks like, the older a tire gets, the higher your risk of sudden tread separation.

Reduce the Need for Costly Repairs

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As your tire tread ages and gets worn, your risk of a car accident also rises. Your next car accident could lead to costly repairs and the need for a new vehicle. An entirely new set of tires is also expensive to replace. Instead, regular maintenance and a tire check can increase the durability and life of your tires with regular rotate and balance repairs.

Pay Attention to Odd Noises

If you hear odd noises when you drive, your suspension parts could be failing. You may also have poor wheel alignment or need a new set of tires. Don’t wait until you have a tire blow-out or get into an accident. You either need new tires or parts to ensure your safety.

Find the Right Tire Pressure

Under-inflated tires can cause car accidents. However, inflating your tires too much comes with its own set of consequences and risks. Insufficient tire pressure can rapidly increase your fuel costs create a safety hazard. You may end up with reduced tire friction on the road.

Incorrect tire pressure also leads to miscalculations in how much time you need before stopping. Insufficient steering pressure issues are also be linked to incorrect tire pressure. You may end up over-correcting or have difficulty turning.

Schedule Regular Vehicle Maintenance

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Are your poor steering performance issues and fuel consumption due to your tires or something else? There’s also a strong possibility there are also multiple issues going on inside of your car. Schedule regular vehicle maintenance with A1 Automotive to protect the health of your vehicle and improve driving performance.

Contact Our Wheels & Tire Shop Lincoln NE

Getting your tires checked is a painless experience that can dramatically impact your car’s performance. Ready to replace your tires, get a maintenance check, or rotate and balance your wheels? Contact A1 Automotive for an appointment or stop by and talk to the team about your tires.