Engine Repair & Diagnostics

Think of the engine of your vehicle as its heart. If the heart is not working correctly, the car will not run, which is why it is vital to keep the engine of your vehicle in top condition with regular maintenance and repairs when needed. That is where A1 Automotive comes in. We are automotive experts and love working with cars and their owners. If you require routine maintenance for your engine or need an engine repair and diagnostics, A1 Automotive is the top choice in Lincoln NE.

Preventative Maintenance and Your Engine Lincoln NE

As you may be aware, the oil change is the most crucial preventative maintenance that you can get for your vehicle. It is performed once every 3-5 thousand miles. Why is this maintenance service so important? It is what keeps your engine from breaking down or seizing up. The engine oil keeps the moving parts of the engine lubricated, which prevents them from grinding together. Most engine issues result from low oil or not receiving an oil change at the proper interval. Lack of oil could lead to an engine stall, overheating, or the engine locking up and dying completely. Keep up with your maintenance, especially your oil changes, to prevent significant damages to the engine. A1 Automotive is here to help you keep up with these maintenances to ensure your car is running smoothly.

Check Engine Light & Diagnostics

If there is an issue with your vehicle’s engine, your check engine light will become illuminated. When this happens, there is no need to panic. Just bring your vehicle into A1 Automotive for diagnostic and repair. Think of the check engine light as an arrow pointing the technician in the right direction. The check engine light does not say what is causing the problem, but it does tell you what the problem is. That is where the years of experience and training come in from our technicians. They will use this code to diagnose, find the issue, and recommend the appropriate fix. We also keep you informed throughout the entire process, and no repairs will be made to the vehicle unless you approved of them.

Engine Repair and Diagnostics Near Me

Bring your vehicle to A1 Automotive in Lincoln, NE today for a diagnostic and engine repair. The sooner you bring it in, the less damage there could be to the engine. Give us a call today or set an appointment online for your next engine repair or service.

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