We know that downtime on the road means less revenue for your business. Your fleet of trucks and vehicles is essential to running your business. Do you need fast Fleet Repair Lincoln NE? Here’s how the team at A1 Automotive can help.

Fleet Repair Lincoln NE

The team at A1 Automotive knows that maintaining and servicing your own fleet of vehicles is time-consuming and distracting to your business. A1 Automotive brings decades of expertise to fleet repair maintenance Lincoln NE. We create a schedule to optimize your trucks and fleet of cars and get them back on the road. Our goal is to minimize driving disruptions and increase your time on the road.

A1 Automotive also offers hydraulic fittings, lift gates, oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid changes. We also help with your shocks and suspension and accurately diagnose issues. When necessary, we will even arrange for towing of your fleet trucks to bring them to our shop for repair. 

Truck Maintenance Service Lincoln NE

Diesel Fleet Repair Lincoln NE

 A fleet of diesel trucks requires a team of full-service expertise with specialized technicians. Our diesel fleet repair services include engine work on Cummins, Duramax, and Powerstroke.

A1 Automotive also performs common rail injection repairs and total diesel engine replacement as needed. In the event your engine is beyond repair, we’ll help find the correct replacement to get you up and running as quickly as possible and at the best price.

Engine Diagnostics

Your fleet of vehicles needs ongoing engine diagnostic checks to catch issues before they escalate. A1 Automotive will retrieve data from your fleet’s internal computer to determine the issue and repair it as needed. Early diagnostics could mean the difference between a quick fix or a costly repair when you wait too long.

Fleet Exhaust System

Do your drivers need more horsepower and torque? Fleet repair Lincoln NE should also include fleet exhaust system repair.  A1 Automotive checks your current exhaust system status, make recommendations, and what other issues might be compromising your speed. 

Fuel Injection Service and Repair

Fuel injection service is inevitable during the lifespan of your fleet of vehicles. Carbon deposits, dirt, and varnishes forming in your injection system are a sign your vehicle may be in trouble. Leaving the issue to chance could result in staling, idling roughly, decreased fuel efficiency, and other issues that make it difficult and dangerous to drive.

Hybrid Fleet Repair

Do you own a hybrid fleet of vehicles? You need an ASE-certified technician who can quickly troubleshoot your issues. There are many differences between traditional and hybrid trucks, however, both still need their oil changed and transmissions flushed periodically. You may also require HEV battery repair to get your vehicles back out on the road.

Suspension and Steering

Ignoring steering and suspension maintenance will eventually lead to stress and damage to your struts, shocks, and springs. Schedule your regular maintenance to protect your truck and save yourself money in the long run. 

Transmission Repair

Transmission repair helps diagnose whether you need a flush or new transmission on your fleet of vehicles. The team at A1 Automotive is also skilled at rebuilding your old systems and stopping transmission fluid leaks.

Timing Belt Replacement

Timing belts began to replace clunky chains during the late 70s and 80s. One of the upsides to the lighter weight was increasing the mileage. Technology has improved over the years and timing belts can now go around 100,000 miles. But don’t leave it up to chance and stretch the limit. If your timing belt breaks, you could cause damage to your engine and cause further damage to your car.

Preventative Fleet Repair Lincoln NE Maintenance

Like any vehicle, trucks need preventative maintenance and care to avoid costly repairs from neglect. During maintenance, standard items could include ignition timing check and set, carburetor adjustment, and keep your spark plugs clean. Your ignition points should also be checked.

Do you need preventative fleet repair Lincoln NE? Call us today at (402) 477-4660, to discuss your needs and how we can help.