With temperatures rising above 100+ degrees, summers are always hot in NE. That means your car’s air conditioner is working overtime. Regular auto A/C service & maintenance by our ASE certified technicians will keep your automotive air conditioning blowing cold throughout the hot summer months in Lincoln, NE. Auto A/C completely broken or low on Freon and need an AC recharge service? Don’t worry, we have the knowledge and experience to recharge or repair any auto air conditioning units inside your car, truck or fleet vehicle.

Auto Air Conditioning/AC Repair Services We Offer:

Need A/C service or repair completed to get ready for the hot summer month in Nebraska? A1 Automotive provides auto air conditioning repairs for all makes and models of cars, trucks and fleet vehicles at reasonable prices you can be sure your repair always comes with our outstanding customer service. Give us a call today @ (402) 477-4660 or save 10% by scheduling your AC service online!

Car and Truck A/C Inspections. Automotive air conditions are intricate systems that have multiple components that could fail at any time. That’s why we inspect every part of your AC system to insure your AC is blowing cold all summer long. Our auto air conditioning inspection includes inspecting the A/C compressor, condenser, receiver/dryer, and evaporator, along with a collection of hoses, tubes, and valves to ensure they are all in good working condition. With so many parts, tracking down the issue with your vehicles air conditioning unit can take a bit of detective work as problems may occur in any part of the air conditioning system. Identifying the exact nature of the problem requires a qualified mechanic who can troubleshoot, repair, and recharge your vehicle’s A/C system.

Automotive A/C Charging & Recharging. The best case scenario when your car’s air conditioner no longer seems to care if you’re sweating or not is that you need to charge or recharge your A/C with Freon. Bring your car or truck into our great location in downtown Lincoln to have your air conditioning charged. We’ll even do a detailed inspection of your vehicle to make sure there aren’t any other issues. Remember, your vehicle’s A/C unit is a sealed system so, low refrigerant could be the sign of a bigger problem such as a Freon leak or a failing part.