Whether you have a personal diesel truck or car or need repairs for a large work diesel or even if you need fleet repair, our shop will get the job done right the first time.

Diesel Repair Services Offered

A1 Automotive is a full-service diesel repair and diesel maintenance shop located in Lincoln, NE. We service and repair large and small diesel engines and vehicles, as well as all makes of diesel engines, including Cummins, Duramax, and Powerstroke.

While we offer the complete range of services, here are a few of the repairs that our customers often need:

Diesel Injector Replacement and Injection Repair: One of the key differences between a diesel engine and a gasoline one is the injection system. While gasoline systems inject fuel outside of the cylinder, diesel injectors actually inject fuel directly into the cylinder. This poses a different set of challenges when it comes to diesel injector replacements and injection system repairs as they must be able to withstand the heat and pressure inside of the cylinder while still dispersing the diesel fuel in a fine, even mist.

Common Rail Injection Repairs: Common Rail Injection systems have helped to transform the diesel engine from the slow, smokey, powerful train-like diesel engine of the past into sporty, fuel-efficient, and clean running engines. Its unique division of injections allows the Common Rail Injection system to precisely deliver the correct amount of fuel from its separated pressurizing system. At A1 Automotive we have the diagnostic tools and the expertise to provide customers with Common Rail Injection system repair and diagnostics.

Diesel Truck Injection Pump Repair: Traditionally the diesel injection pump is run from the crankshaft by gears or a belt and delivers fuel based on the RPMs of the engine. Newer systems, including the Common Rail Injection system, utilize external pumps which are regulated by Electronic Diesel Control modules.

Diesel Engine Replacement: From time to time the unfortunate reality is that your diesel engine can be beyond repair. When that is the case, A1 Automotive can help with finding the correct diesel engine replacement for your vehicle, replacing your old engine with a new or re-manufactured engine getting you back on the road quickly.  Come see us for all your diesel repair.

Diesel Electrical Repair and Diagnostics: Diesel engines, like all engines, involve complex and technical electrical systems. Our service bays are equipped with electrical diagnostic tools to track down any hard-to-find electrical problems with your diesel vehicle and get your engine running smooth and efficiently.

Diesel Transmission and Clutch: We offer diesel transmission replacements and services. It’s recommended that you have your transmission serviced regularly to prevent more costly repairs such as transmission rebuilds and clutch replacements in the future. At A1 Automotive we offer transmission repairs, replacements, and servicing.

Diesel Drivability and Performance: Do you have concerns about the drive-ability or performance of your vehicle? We offer complete diesel drive-ability diagnostics and diesel performance upgrades.