The advances in fuel injection management systems over the last few years have made it possible for A1 Automoitve to bring this product to you. Cars with older fuel injection systems can be upgraded to take advantage of today’s technology. These systems are invaluable when converting an older vehicle to turbocharging, or on a turbocharged vehicle that is being upgraded beyond the factory parameters.

Why is Fuel Injection Service Necessary?

When you first buy your car and start the engine for the first time, carbon deposits, varnishes and dirt start to form in the fuel injection system of your vehicle. This mostly takes place in the combustion chamber areas and intake valves. To avoid having too much build up in your engine, you could check your owner’s manual to see how often they recommend servicing your fuel injection system.

Common symptoms of carbon buildup:

Pinging of Engine
Lack of acceleration
Lurching or Hesitating
Vehicle is performing poorly
Idles rough
Decreased fuel efficiency
Our carbon fuel cleaning process will remove the deposits of carbon from your fuel systems, combustion chamber and intake valves. This is a safe cleaning process and will not harm your car’s engine components or fuel system.

What’s included in a fuel injection service:

Pressure testing fuel system and fuel pump
Fuel injector cleaning
Inspection of fuel rail and fuel lines
Inspection of vacuum line, pressure regulator and all connections
Throttle body air intake cleaning
De-carbonize intake, intake manifold and exhaust valves
De-carbonize pistons and combustion chamber
Emissions exhaust testing

Advantages of servicing your fuel injection system regularly:

Saves money by improving fuel efficiency and saving you from more costly repairs
Lowers your risk of vehicle breakdowns
Increases the total performance of your vehicle
Reduces the pollution in our air
Increased dependability and safety