Our ASE Certified technicians are experts in hybrid car & truck motor repair, HEV battery system troubleshooting and electric/hybrid motor diagnostics. Hybrid cars and trucks aren’t the same type of vehicles that run solely on fuel. Repairing Hybrid vehicles and running diagnostics on them aren’t the same either.

Hybrid Car Maintenance

Need hybrid vehicle repair or maintenance? At A1 Automotive we’re happy to help your Hybrid car or truck back on the road and thank you for doing your part to care for the environment. Hybrid cars and electric vehicles require nearly the same maintenance as fuel-powered vehicles despite their obvious differences. Hybrid vehicles need their oil changed and transmissions flushed just like gas power vehicles do. . We’ll help keep your hybrid car in great running shape!

The Biggest Difference in Hybrids: The Battery

Because hybrid vehicles run on both fuel AND battery power (hence the term hybrid), this means that the battery in a hybrid plays a larger role than a battery in a fuel-powered vehicle. Special diagnostic technologies and repair techniques are required to troubleshoot hybrid battery issues and make quality repairs. At A1 Automotive we have both the techniques and the tools to help with all of your hybrid battery needs, including:

Hybrid Battery Testing
HEV Battery Repair (when possible)
HEV Diagnostics
HEV Battery Replacement