Steering & Suspension Repair Service: We can repair, replace or service your car or truck’s shocks, struts, differentials, steering boxes, tie rods, rack and pinions, bushings, and more…

Steering & suspension maintenance services should help eliminate premature tire wear and save you money.

Service Details: When you bring in your vehicle to our certified expert technicians at A1 Automotive technicians, you get a complete system inspection including:

Thoroughly inspecting all struts, shocks, and springs for signs of wear or damage including:

Replacing damaged, worn or missing suspension/steering parts that are not performing well or as intended
Other steering and suspension repairs as needed to get you back on the road safely
Because replacement of suspensions and steering parts may change existing wheel placement or angles, a wheel alignment is always recommended with this service.

Why is it important to service & maintenance my steering & suspension parts?

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension’s job is to provide optimal handling performance and ride comfort. Even normal driving conditions can cause the struts, shocks, and springs of your suspension system to get weaker over time. These worn parts may reduce vehicle driver stability and control causing your tires to wear out quicker.

How will I know when I should have my steering & suspension system inspected or checked?

Most automobile manufacturers recommend a suspension and steering system check every 50,000 miles (80,000 km). However, if you happen to notice any of the below warning signs, you should get your struts and shocks inspected as soon as possible:

Noisy while driving over bumps
A bumpy, shaky, or harsh ride
Extreme wandering and bouncing
Wheel steering is crooked or pulls to one direction more than the other
Uneven tire wear or tires wearing out faster than normal