Is your Transmission slipping or not engaging properly? We know transmission problems can be costly and we will work with you to find the lowest cost solution to fix your problematic transmission. We can flush and replace your vehicle’s transmission fluid, rebuild your old transmission (or replace it), stop transmission fluid leaks, repair broken drive-train linkage and perform any other transmission repairs you may need.

Transmission Diagnostics

During any visit at A1 Automotive, we are available to provide you with excellent customer service and realistic estimates in order to give you the best recommendation for your transmission’s needs. Whether your car is new or old, foreign or domestic, through a simple diagnostic process we will diagnose your transmission problem, explain what repair or replacement is needed and provide you with an estimate on what it will cost to fix. We can also answer any questions or concerns you may have about our transmission services.

Transmission Repair Experts

Our ASE certified technicians have the experience using automotive computer diagnostic software to diagnose and repair transmissions.

If you feel your car is slipping gears, not engaging properly or shifting erraticly this could mean that your transmission is going bad and should be check out ASAP. A problematic transmission can cause low mileage, poor performance and end up costing you more money if not taken care of right away. When you bring your car into A1 Automotive, we’ll perform a diagnostic check that will allow us to determine the best possible transmission repair, replacement or rebuild needed for your vehicle. You can count on us to provide you with fair time and cost estimates. Look to A1 Automotive for all of your transmission service needs!