What Makes Us the One Best Automotive Repair Shop?

We can guarantee our replacement auto parts because we only use trusted manufacturers and brand for our auto repairs!

We only use trusted, name brand auto parts for your vehicle repairs, which means there’s less of a chance of one of these new part faulting. In the unlikely event that one of these parts does fail, our trusted manufacturers will quickly and painlessly replace the part to resolve the issue.

Our automotive repair facility is very spacious and service bays are equipped with the latest technology and diagnostic tools to handle cars, trucks, SUVs, large trucks, motor homes, buses, alternative fuel vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Because we use the latest automotive diagnostic technologies, our automotive services are more efficient than ever. This helps ensure your automotive repair service moves quickly and efficiently as possible, while keeping your repair and maintenance costs down!

Our Customer Service

Our customer service policy ensures that “Every automotive repair service is done right the first time”. Our motto – Always/Honest/Answer! Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority! Check out our testimonials page to see what our customers are saying.

Contact Us Today at (402) 477-4660 for Automotive Repair and Vehicle Maintenance estimates or with any questions, including about our Vehicle Repair Warranty.

More about What We do in Our Auto Repair / Maintenance Center:

Air Conditioning and Heating: Our expert ASE automotive technicians perform a detailed inspection of your vehicle’s air conditioning system to diagnose your auto A/C problem and provide an estimate to get your A/C blowing cold again. Common issues with automotive air conditioning systems include system leaks (including from the compressor, condenser, or evaporator), low refrigerant levels, clogged condensers, compressor failure, a.k.a. a seized compressor, and a failed A/C compressor clutch. Often A/C units have more than one solitary issue, as one failure can lead to another.

Automotive Computer Diagnostics: With vehicle computers becoming more and more advanced, particularly electronically, finding and fixing issues has also become more complicated. However, we only use the latest automotive computer diagnostic technologies to accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle. We also have the capability to run diagnostics on alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles.

Engine Repair: We repair all types of vehicle engines (Car, Truck, SUV, Hybrid, Alternative Fuel Vehicles), including intake manifold replacement, header replacements, valve and cylinder work and more.

Suspension & Steering: We can replace your car or truck’s shocks, struts, differentials, steering boxes, tie rods, rack and pinions, bushings, and more.

Tune-Up Service: With regular maintenance and tune-ups, you can receive better fuel efficiency, maximize the performance of your vehicle, and increase your vehicle’s life.

Brake System Repairs: We replace vehicle brake pads and drums, flush brake lines and systems, machine or replace rotors, replace brake master cylinders and more.

Electrical Systems: Your vehicle uses a complex electrical system to function properly and to keep you comfortable at all times.We provide electrical systems repair for shorts, blown fuses, split wires, and failed electrical components. We track down electrical system issue or computer malfunctions to make sure you are safe and comfortable as possible while driving your vehicle.

Starting and Charging: We’ll troubleshoot your car’s starting and charging system, including batteries (all types, including hybrids), alternators, distributors and distributor caps, ignition modules, starters, and more.

Fuel Injection Service and Repair: We can clean or repair your vehicle’s fuel injection system, replace faulty fuel injectors and adjust your fuel system for better performance.

Carburetors: We can rebuild your old vehicle’s carburetor, give it a tune-up or adjust timing for a smooth, high-performing engine.

Transmissions and Drive-trains Repair: Transmission Slipping or not engaging properly? We know transmission problems can be costly and we will work with you to find the lowest cost solution to fix your problematic transmission. We can flush your vehicle’s transmission, rebuild your old transmission (or replace it), stop transmission fluid leaks, repair broken drive-train linkage and perform any other transmission repairs you may need.

Emissions Testing Repairs: We will make sure your vehicle will pass emissions by servicing catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, optimizing fuel/air mixtures and replacing any other faulty sensors or parts in your vehicle’s emissions system to keep that dreaded, “check engine light” OFF.

To get an estimate on your auto repair or maintenance, call us at (402) 477-4660 or visit us at 1117 L St, Lincoln, NE.