Where customers become family.

The customer is the most important visitor in our facility.  We are dependent on them, they are the purpose of our existence.  We are not doing them a favor be serving them, we owe them gratitude for allowing us to keep them and their families safe on the road.

WE are truly built on small town values, where we help everyone as much as we can and really care about keeping you safe.  That is in our DNA and it always will be.  









Question: I can barely remember to put gas in my car sometimes, let alone what engine oil weight and coolant type it needs.  How am I supposed to keep all this stuff straight, let alone what needs to be checked and when.

Answer: The friendly technicians at A1 Automotive are here to help.  Today’s vehicles are very specific in their needs — they all take different fluids, filters, and other parts.  If you don’t have the right items for your car, you may be headed for trouble.  Our service will help you stay up-to-date with your vehicle’s factory-recommended maintenance schedule.
When you bring your vehicles to us, we give you recommendations to keep you driving and your family safe.  When we start a relationship with a customer they quickly become friends and we build strong bonds with all of you.  Give us an opportunity you will not be disappointed!