Wheels & Tire Shop Lincoln NEAre you looking for Vehicle Upfitting Lincoln NE? Upfitting can help turn your commercial vehicle into a practical, well-run machine that keeps your fleet running efficiently on the road. Here’s what to know about upfitting and if it’s the right choice for you.

What is Vehicle Upfitting Lincoln NE?

Upfitting typically refers to commercial vehicles that need enhancements to perform a specific function or duty. A van, truck, or other vehicle is taken to a specialist or trained technician for customized equipment, such as interior racks.

The first step in upfitting is understanding how the application will work and still make driving simple. It’s essential to involve the drivers in the upfitting process. What do they need to stay agile and productive on the road? Ask for their opinion on how to use best the equipment they need.

However, involving everyone can lead to too many opinions. Upfitting a commercial vehicle can lead to overages and complications. Instead, focus on the most practical applications for the job at hand.

How Does Upfitting Help?

Instead of hauling costly equipment, upfitting a vehicle can bring everything on the road with you. Whether your day-to-day job requires tools or computers to diagnose an issue on the go, outfitting your vehicle can simplify your job.

Why Work with A1 Automotive?

Fleet Repair Services Lincoln NEA1 Automotive offers quality, reliable, and fast service at an affordable price. Our trained technicians are always upfront with customers about the costs and time needed to complete a project. We can work with you on projects large and small for the best service possible.

What Other Services Does A1 Automotive Offer?

If you’re looking for maintenance and repair beyond vehicle upfitting Lincoln NE, look to A1 Automotive’s list of services:

Routine Automative Maintenance

Cars usually need maintenance at least every 60,000 miles. Your commercial vehicle or well-maintained personal car may be able to go longer. Using synthetic oil can reduce the need for frequent oil changes. Off-roading or long-distance road trips can also add to the wear and tear of your vehicle and require additional maintenance.


Tune-ups and other preventative care keep your vehicle optimized and reduces potential costly repairs. You usually save yourself time and money with regular tune-ups.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

A broken air conditioner turns into an untennable situation on the road. While you’re working on vehicle upfitting Lincoln NE, ask about broken air conditioner repair. It could be a simple fix like more coolant. Sometimes, a poorly working air conditioner can also indicate there are more serious issues in the vehicle that need repair.

Heating Systems Repairs

Driving through a Nebraska winter means cold months of snow. Your crew deserves reliable heat to perform their job without delay. Letting your heating go for too long can also drive up the costs so high it’s not worth it to fix. Instead, you may be purchasing new vehicles or fleets.

Steering & Suspension

Steering and suspension are dangerous if left in disrepair. You could end up compromising your family or crew’s safety on the road. Minor issues from steering and suspension could also cause unnecessary wear and tear on your tires and the rest of your vehicle. 

Engine Repair

Your engine needs routine repair and maintenance to run efficiently on the road. Scheduling a prompt repair could mean the difference between a total engine replacement and simple fix. A trained technician or mechanic can investigate if the problem could be a clogged radiator or poor compression, or as simple as a missing or loose gas cap. Whatever the issue, A1 Automotive can do an assessment and make recommendations for your engine repair.

Diesel Truck Repair

Vehicle Upfitting Lincoln NENot all automotive shops and technicians understand how to service diesel truck and car repairs. Driving a diesel vehicle for work or hauling items requires a reliable place to to service your vehicle. Some services include charging system repair, turbo repair or replacement, and high-pressure pump repair.

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