Vehicle Upfitting

Vehicle Upfitting

Upfitting your fleet just got a little easier.

It takes a pro, with proven strength in the business of automotive and skill set to complete vehicle upfitting. Now we’d like you to meet EVIP — our Emergency Vehicle Installation Program.

We’re based on a simple idea – we do vehicle upfitting right the first time! For police, fire, security, and work trucks, we are your one-stop shop. Need a customized vehicle build with quality parts? How about a team that provides exceptional workmanship? What about an installer that meets your on-time delivery needs? A1 Automotive in Lincoln, NE has what it takes to do this for you and we also will do it right the first time. Check out more specifics below.

Typical products for vehicle upfitting:

  • Lightbars and Directional Light Sticks
  • Interior and Exterior/Perimeter Warning Lights
  • Sirens and Speakers
  • Consoles
  • Communication equipment
  • Computers and Mounts
  • License Plate Readers
  • Camera Systems
  • Trunk Storage Boxes
  • Radar Systems
  • Weapon Mounts
  • Push Bumpers
  • Prisoner Transport Seating and Partitions

Why choose A1 Automotive for vehicle upfitting?

Our upfitting business launch was demand-driven here in Lincoln, Nebraska. With our technicians being ASE Certified and now EVT Certified – it was the perfect fit for our small business. We have over a combined 100 years of experience in the automotive industry and strive on providing the best possible service to our customers and always providing solutions to all of their needs.

What can you expect from A1 Automotive?

Our A1 standards include:

  • Exceptional high-quality installations for police, fire, security, and construction vehicles.
  • Pre- and post-delivery vehicle inspections.
  • Customer collaboration review of the first pilot builds.
  • All completed vehicles are thoroughly tested and inspected.
  • Refurbishing and decommissioning services are available on older vehicles so they can be retired effectively.

Have any questions about vehicle upfitting? Give A1 Auto Lincoln a call today!

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