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AC / Heat RepairLiving in Lincoln NE, we know that the summers may not be the hottest, but it is better weather than in the winter months. That being said, at A1 Automotive, we strive to keep our customers comfortable all year round by helping them maintain their auto AC systems. Your auto AC system and heating system are equally as necessary, and we can service both. Are you looking for quality automotive repair and services? A1 Automotive is the auto shop for you for all your AC/Heat Repair needs.

Auto AC Repair Lincoln NE

You are driving along, and it starts to get a little warm in the car. What do you do? You fiddle with the dials on your dashboard until a nice cool breeze hits your face. What if you do so and there is not cool breeze? Correct! You bring your vehicle into A1 Automotive for service. Our shop has the skills and tools necessary to get your AC pumping cold air in no time. When you come in for AC repair, we will start with a diagnostic to see why your AC is not working as it should. After the problem is identified, the appropriate repairs will be presented for your approval. Whether the fix is a simple recharge or you need a replacement part, you are in good hands when working with A1 Automotive.

Auto Heat Repair Lincoln NE

Picture this, you wake up and immediately know it is going to be a cold day. No one wants to drive to work in an icebox, so you crank the heater. To your surprise, it is taking a long time to warm up. It has been 20 minutes, and it is still cold as can be. This is a sure sign that your vehicle’s heater system needs servicing. There is no reason you should be driving around uncomfortable all day long. Bring your car into the warm A1 Automotive for the proper fix. We will get you back on the road and in a climate-controlled environment in no time. Our technicians are trained to handle any repair your vehicle might need.

Auto AC/Heat Repair Near Me

If your auto AC & heating system is not performing as it should or is not working, give us a call today. Once you set an appointment with us, we will get you back on the road as soon as possible. For dependable repairs and honest service, trust the experts at A1 Automotive of Lincoln, NE.

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