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Steering & SuspensionYour vehicle’s steering and suspension systems are what allows us to maintain control of our vehicle while we drive. If these systems are not working correctly, that could be dangerous for other drivers on the road. If you have any concerns about your steering & suspension system, give A1 Automotive a call today of Lincoln, NE!

Steering & Suspension Lincoln NE

Your suspension system comprises several components, the air suspension, shocks & struts, and the ball joint & tie rods. All these work together to maintain proper handling and control of the vehicle when you drive. Some common issues to look for to determine if your suspension system is not working properly are:

  • Uneven roads are difficult to traverse
  • Difficulty steering in any direction
  • You can feel bumps and imperfections in the road
  • A dramatic increase in bounce when going over speed bumps on hitting potholes
  • Or your vehicle pulls to one side when driving straight

If you experience any of these, see us for a suspension inspection. We will identify the issue and offer the best, cost-effective solution that is right for you. Never suffer from a bumpy ride again after a service from A1 Automotive.

Inspecting Your Steering & Suspension System

If you live in Lincoln NE or are just passing through on vacation, you are concerned about your vehicle’s steering or suspension system. Bring your vehicle to our shop for an inspection. We are a full-service auto repair shop, and along with your inspection, we will also:

  • Inspect your tires for uneven tire wear
  • Check your alignment
  • Inspect the fluid levels of your power steering fluid
  • Check your struts
  • Re-tighten any loose nuts or bolts
  • & inspect the steering belts for wear

If anything is wrong with your vehicle, we will be sure to inform you and keep you involved in the process the whole time. We believe in our work and being honest with our customers. You will never feel in the dark about what is being done to your vehicle. If you have any questions along the way, we are happy to answer them.

Suspension & Steering Near Me

Honest, quality service and affordability are what we believe in here at A1 Automotive. We also pride ourselves on keeping our customers informed and light of what is being done to their vehicles. If you require service or repair and are looking for quality work, give us a call today or set an appointment online.

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