Oil Change & Maintenance

Oil Change and MaintenanceDo you know what type of motor oil your vehicle takes? Don’t worry. For most drivers, that thought doesn’t even cross their minds. Here at A1 Automotive, you will never have to worry about when your vehicle might be due for an oil change or what type of oil you might need. Our job is to ensure that you get the best service possible and keep your vehicle running as it should for a long time. If you require an oil change and maintenance, see us at A1 Automotive in Lincoln NE, today.

Oil Change Lincoln NE

Your vehicle, depending on make and model, will require one of the following types of oil:

  • Conventional
  • Semi-synthetic blend
  • Full Synthetic
  • & sometimes High-mileage oil (for cars over 100K miles)

How do you know what type of oil your vehicle takes? That can be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. You know that big, floppy book shoved in your glovebox. That book contains all the information about what type and how often you should get an oil change, along with all the other preventive maintenance your vehicle will require to ensure longevity. On the other hand, here at A1 Automotive, we have ASE-certified mechanics with years of experience that know just what oil your vehicle needs and when it needs it. Let us work with you to create a maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle in top shape. Bring your vehicle into our shop for your subsequent and future oil changes.

Signs You Need Oil Change and Maintenance

We all live busy lives, and sometimes we can miss our oil change appointment—no need to worry. If you are a few hundred miles over, that is completely fine. Just bring your vehicle in, and we will take care of the rest. Now, if you go a few thousand miles over, that could cause some serious engine problems. Common signs that you require an oil change include:

  • Increased exhaust emissions
  • Loud engine noises
  • Shaking while idling
  • Check engine light
  • & a few others

If any of these signs present themselves, bring your vehicle in for an oil change at your earliest convenience to prevent any significant engine damage.

Oil Change Near Me

When it is time for an oil change, see the experts at A1 Automotive. We believe in always honest answers, meaning we do not use smoke and mirrors, but we are open and honest with all our customers. If you are looking for an auto repair shop that will be honest with you and provide exceptional service, you have come to the right site. Give us a call today for your next appointment.

$39.99Full Synthetic Oil Change and Tire Rotation

Hurry! Limited Time Only!

*For faster service, please call ahead for an appointment. Most cars/light trucks. Oil change includes up to 5 qts. of motor oil and new oil filter. Some vehicles require special oil/or filter, cost extra. Tax and disposal fee extra. Cannot combine with any other offers. Limited time only.


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